Should I Get My Kid a Lizard?

Perhaps your child has chosen to get a pet, and has a lizard in mind. More often than not, most households are fine with having pets, as long as they’re cats and dogs. But a lizard seems to be a pretty left field choice if you think about it, and people generally have no idea how to take care of them ไล่จิ้งจก.

Anyhow, before you do decide to get your kid a lizard for a pet, there are a couple of things you ought to consider. Like these for example:

– You’ll need to make sure that the lizard you’re getting for your kid is docile, bearing in mind that he or she might want to take it out of the tank and play around with it. Besides, pets aren’t exactly purchased just so you could look at them sitting around inside their tank. See to it that the lizard isn’t edgy at all. There are a few species of lizards, like the bearded dragons, which are popular with children, mainly for the fact that they are not adversarial but rather calm, and they are in fact fine with being out of their tanks for a short amount of time. Yet, it’s of utmost importance that you teach your kid how to respect the lizard, since there might be moments that it will eventually feel like it is in danger and might in fact defend itself in a rather hostile manner.

– Another thing to consider is the size of the pet lizard as well, since not every household may have room for something such as an iguana or a bearded dragon. If you do not have adequate room for these kinds of lizards, perhaps it would be better to decide on getting an anole instead. Anoles are pretty handy in size, since you won’t be utilizing large enclosures. The thing with anoles however, is that they could be too small in size that a pretty hyperactive kid may end up hurting them. Apart from that, if they ever get out of the tank, you’ll find it really hard to find them. Much like a pet fish, your child must be made to recognize that anoles are best left in tanks, so as to avoid them getting lost somewhere in your home. Also, living in colder climates can result to death for your pet lizard as well.

So to answer the question if a pet lizard is ideal for you kid, you really have to take those two points mentioned above into consideration. But not just that, you also have to make sure that your child does not have any allergies to these pets or any fear of them as well.