Google Nexus One – Google’s Branding Tool

HTC designed the new Nexus One, which boasts the newest Android 2.1 OS, and is getting mixed reviews. In general, the Nexus One tested faster than the Droid and iPhone 3GS and offers great display resolution but suffers some minor design flaws such as a “too easy to hit” home button” and a low battery life. Overall, its a great phone, but is it an “iPhone-killer”? Probably not. So what is Google’s ultimate goal MTK Droid Tools?

Why is Google Directly Competing Against Their Partners?

Google has received much criticism on its attempt to “balance” hardware manufacturers across all their products. This attempt by Google displays much confidence in the Android OS brand; perhaps too much. However, Google now holds about 70% of the PC search market share and the mobile search market is growing fast. Let us not forget that Google is an advertising company.

Google’s ultimate goal may be, and surely is, to control this market and thus profit greatly through their ad programs, as Google mobile search is sure to be a common factor among all their hardware partners’ devices. The release of the Nexus One will strengthen the Android/Google brand by creating competition amongst Android based hardware manufacturers. The Nexus One may simply be a tool to further strengthen the Android/Google brand and make Google search the de facto standard on the majority of mobile devices.

Google’s seemingly endless supply of financial resources and expertise as well as their brand trust among users makes it a very possible to accomplish what Microsoft couldn’t with the Zune “balancing” act. Google has mastered the art of providing great services for free, making their money on ads. Nexus One may be the “ace-in-the-hole” that Google’s been holding. Google can’t seem to fail, so it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.