Using A Professional Car Wash

First, you have to find a good clean bucket. Next, the extension cord for the vacuum. And, of course, you need to retrieve essentials like, soap, glass cleaner and tire cleaner. Oh, and let’s not forget paper towels, a sponge, a couple of towels and unraveling the garden hose just to begin the task of washing your vehicle from home. Also consider that you are taking dirt off of your vehicle and putting it in the once clean bucket. Now you are more likely to scratch your vehicle using dirty water, no good! Washing from home always seems to be more of a chore and is less convenient than your local car wash. Not to mention the time involved and today, aren’t we all concerned with time?

If you only have a few minutes, you can run your vehicle through the automatic car wash system, which will do a great job of cleaning your vehicle and the cost is reasonable. However, if you have more time use the self serve bay equipment and vacuum out your vehicle. The shampoo and fragrance island is very handy for removing stains left in your vehicle from spills and other accidents. After using these two methods, you will realize the time you have saved is well worth the value.

It is very important that you follow the instructions inside the self serve bay and use the order of the functions on the meter box. Another good idea is to point the wand at the ground when switching from function to function. This allows the product time to pass through the hose before applying it to the vehicle

Another reason you should start using your local wash is because it is more environmentally friendly. Many washes are now recycling their water and are much more aware of the benefits of providing an environmentally safe alternative to washing at home. Also when washing from home all untreated wash water will be discharged directly into the ground and/or into storm sewer systems that may empty into local water supplies. With the consumption of our natural resources at such high levels, everyone should be more environmentally conscious of recycling.